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Roger McGuinn's Folk Den

Episode: Frankie And Johnny
Summary: How do I download this Mp3? Mp3: Frankie And Johnny – Click To Play This traditional blues based on a true story of a love affair gone wrong. Lyrics: [E] Frankie and Johnny were lovers Oh! Lord, how they did love [A] Swore to be true to each other J
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Episode: The Night That Elvis Sang At The Open Mike
Summary: The night that Elvis sang at the open mike in St. Augustine...
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1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories & Mysteries

Summary: A nostalgic look back at one of Hollywood's biggest canine stars and an 1955 TV episode from the series "Adventures of Rin Tin Tin" titled "The White Buffalo". Sponsors and Special Offers: Blue Apron- First 3 meals FREE by signing up at www.BlueApron.
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Folk Media

Episode: Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Using Social Media
Summary: A list of 10 reasons your business should be using social media now.http://www.folkmedia.org/top-10-reasons-you-should-be-using-social-media
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The Young'uns Podcast

Episode: The Young'uns Podcast Live From Folk East Festival, With John Spiers, O'hooley and Tidow, and Sam Kelly
Summary: The Young'uns Podcast is back! Our first podcast of 2016 comes live from the Folk East Festival in Suffolk, where we are joined by an enthusiastic audience, guests John Spiers, O'hooley and Tidow, and Sam Kelly. As well as songs and tunes, we also play a
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Old Tales

Episode: The Ragamuffins
Summary: It’s another day in the country side. Cock and hen decide to have an advendure and subsequently enslave a duck, talk to pins and torture a landlord. Yes, the landlord gets poked, and… not in the head. And why not? What’s wrong with being
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Folk and Traditional Podcasts

Folk and Traditional Podcasts

Top Folk and Traditional Podcasts

Folk music is used as a term for folklore music. This type of music has its origins from back in the nineteenth century. It's defined in many different ways:

1. Music which is transmitted through the word of mouth
2. Music of the lower classes
3. Music which has no recognized musician

Folklore or folk music is contrasted through classical and commercial styles. Ever since the middle of the twentieth century the term is described more so as a more popular music which is based on more of the traditional music. These types of fusion genres are going to include: electric folk, folk metal, folk rock as well as progressive folk.

Traditional music is now the new term for folk music. Regardless on if you're looking for folk or traditional music history, music itself or anything else there's something here for you. Simply do a custom search or browse through the files or the most popular folk and traditional podcasts.

You can listen to new favorites and old favorites with access to the entire shows history. Once you've found a show that you really like you can go back to all of the old episodes and take a look at what made your show what it was back from its very humble beginnings. Look through all of the options and you can search for what you're looking for. When it comes to finding a folk and traditional podcast there is definitely something here for you.


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